The firm

With 18 years of excellence in business law practice, PMRA | Porto, Miranda, Rocha & Advogados combines the highly specialized and customized skillful practice with the best legal management practices. We have a multidisciplinary high-performance team focused on the safety and on the best results to our clients.


To practice with innovation and safety, minimizing the risks and enabling the best results to our clients.


To modernize and simplify the practice of law and the relation between attorney and client, consolidating a lighter and more efficient and humane form of practicing law.


Customization – Proactivity – Competence – Speediness – Ethics – Transparency – Simplicity – Technology – Respect



PMRA | Porto, Miranda, Rocha & Advogados is acknowledged as a priority partner of its clients for deeply knowing their values, businesses, processes, and projects. By means of an integrated performance, we guarantee high levels of results.

The tireless search for excellence and innovation, allied with the capacity of identifying threats and opportunities, enables our team to challenge paradigms and to propose new alternatives and solutions to our clients’ demands. Therefore, we can generate profitability and competitive differentiation.


Social-environmental Awareness

We are a firm which is committed to the environment, to diversity, to inclusion, and to equality of rights and opportunities.

We welcome the diversity of gender, nationality, age, education, race, health, disability, sexual orientation, and religion.

Compliance (Policy of Integrity, Prevention, and Fight Against Corruption)

Our Compliance system provides the premises which guide our firm and the conduct of all our collaborators.

In addition to that, it details our commitment to lead the legal market in the search for the prevention of and active fight against corruption, establishing a culture of integrity, transparency, and respect for society and the citizen.